How Do We Handle Investigations Prior to Bringing a Securities Fraud Class Action Lawsuit?
​Our securities team has dedicated their practice to class action lawsuits and protecting the rights of investors just like you. With every class action we handle, we thoroughly investigate the company in question to establish whether they made key omissions that their investors should have been aware of before investing, issued misleading statements, or otherwise violated the rights of investors. We also team with a wide range of experts to gather the information needed to put together a water-tight case to help secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Securities Fraud Law Firm in NYC

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Federal securities laws offer investors a remedy when the management of publicly traded companies misrepresent material facts to investors and those investors lose money. We have decades of experience representing these investors and a proven track record of success.Securities Fraud Class Action Examples:

There are many varieties of securities fraud. Here are a few examples:

Clinical Trial Results – Biotech executives overstate clinical results of compounds in clinical trials or fail to fully disclose known problems.
Channel Stuffing – Publicly traded company places more product into its third party pipeline in order to overstate revenues Channel Stuffing
Back Dating Stock Options– Public companies back date stock options awarded so senior executives to increase the decrease the strike price of those option awards.
Undisclosed Rebates or Discounts – Public companies offer rebates or discounts to customers to increase revenue, but do not disclose those rebates to shareholders.

Consumer Fraud Class Actions

As part of our civil litigation practice, we handle class action claims against businesses that engage in consumer fraud. State and federal laws protect consumers against unscrupulous businesses that engage in deceptive advertising and other forms of consumer fraud.
Examples of consumer fraud include:

  • Mortgage fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Auto fraud
  • Deceptive advertising
  • Mail order fraud
  • Defective products
  • Telemarketing fraud
  • Telephone contract fraud

If you feel you have been the victim of consumer fraud, contact an attorney at our firm to discuss your legal rights.

Our firm’s antitrust litigators have successfully represented clients in major antitrust litigation through the country and have developed an enviable record of resolving these claims in our favor through summary disposition, in the courtroom and on appeal. We are dedicated to providing sound legal guidance, updating our clients of legal trends and regulatory developments and offering superior work product, innovative solutions and effective legal strategies. Most importantly, we have the resources needed to present expert testimony on complex issues involving economics, accounting and technology – testimony which can often mean the difference between a successful and lost claim.

Antitrust Actions

Federal antitrust laws promote free and fair competition and outlaw business practices considered to monopolize a market or to restrain free trade or commerce. Our attorneys have been involved in many of the most important and far reaching anti-trust matters in the United States.
We represent individuals and businesses in seeking compensation for damages incurred as a result of a manufacturer or producers’ antitrust law violations.

Examples of how companies act to inhibit fair competition include:

  • Price Fixing;
  • Unfair Business Practices;
  • Controlling or Dominating a Market for Goods or Services;
  • Agreements or Practices that Restrict Free Trading and Competition between Businesses;
  • Bid Rigging;
  • Market or Customer Allocations;
  • Group Boycotts; and
  • Tying Arrangements.